Book: Essential Psychiatry For The Aesthetic Practitioner

Below is a synopsis of “Essential Psychiatry for the Aesthetic Practitioner co-authored by Richard Fried MD PhD.

Trust Yardley Dermatology Associates In your quest to look and feel your best.

Making wise and healthy decisions in your quest to sustain, improve, enhance, or rejuvenate your skin can be extremely difficult. Miraculous claims, breathtaking photos, and exuberant testimonials tantalize us. They seem to be everywhere! We need look no further than our smartphone screens, computers, televisions, and print media. All of us are inundated with hard to believe, often contradictory, and confusing messages!

Oh, but it gets even dicier. Not only are we burdened with the daunting task of choosing which intervention or procedure to pursue, but perhaps of equal or greater importance, the task of choosing who and where to pursue it! The practitioner that you choose has the responsibility to guide you through this difficult process. This person must have the training, skill, and experience to help you make the best choices.

If I may speak succinctly, it’s not just what you plan to have done, it’s whether what you plan to have done will provide you with the optimal cosmetic emotional outcomes. One size doesn’t fit all. We have different skin texture, tone, vascularity, elasticity, laxity, thickness, and coloration. In addition, our underlying support structures including collagen and elastic fibers, subcutaneous fat, and bony structure vary widely.

Evaluation of skin sensitivity and reactivity is very important in short and long-term care of the skin. Products, interventions, and procedures must be carefully chosen based on skin type, sensitivity, and reactivity.

Since youth and beauty are a combination of “skin and the person within”, it is exquisitely important that your skin health and cosmetic choices enhance both your skin and your physical/emotional beauty.

Yardley Dermatology Associates has long been at the forefront of researching, publishing, and practicing expert dermatology for the preservation and enhancement of skin and emotional well-being. Our clinicians are superbly trained and meticulous professionals.

The clinical trials and research Center at Yardley dermatology continues to participate in clinical trials assessing safety and effectiveness of new and existing products and technologies. Our clinical trial center keeps our clinicians at the forefront of new and evolving knowledge and technologies.

With growing recognition that “who and where” matters when it comes to skin preservation,enhancement, and rejuvenation, Yardley dermatology is proud to report our own Dr. Richard Fried, MD PhD is the coeditor of a new book entitled “Essential Psychiatry For The Aesthetic Provider”. This is the first known textbook specifically designed to help aesthetic practitioners choose appropriate interventions for the cosmetic patients. The book has 23 chapters each written by an established world
expert in the various areas of cosmetic evaluation and intervention.

The editors are Evan Rieder MD, a board-certified dermatologist and psychiatrist and Richard Fried MD PhD, a board-certified dermatologist licensed clinical psychologist.