Information about your prescriptions

As many of you are aware, prices for brand name and generic drugs have both skyrocketed over the last few years. Your providers at YDA are doing their best to make sure that you have access to the most effective medicines at an affordable price. This can be difficult since often only your pharmacist has access to the list of drugs covered by your insurance, (your formulary) and their prices.

Please let us know immediately if you are told by your pharmacist that a given medicine is unavailable or unaffordable.  We can often substitute another similar medicine which is covered, or provide you with samples if the pharmacy is out of stock.

Here are some tips for helping to keep your drug cost down:

  1. Let us know if you have no drug plan, a high deductible, or you are in the “doughnut hole” with Medicare.
  2. If your insurance plan makes your drug formulary available, (under Dermatology, skin or topical medicines), please print out a copy and bring it with you to your appointment so we can choose a drug that is covered.
  3. Shop around for lower drug prices (see table below).

    As you can see, there can be a more than tenfold difference in the cost of a given generic depending on which pharmacy you choose. For more information, go to the article in the 04/2018 issue of Consumer Reports:
  4. You can also look for the lowest pharmacy prices in your area at, or try an online discount pharmacy such as
  5. For certain medicines, the out of pocket cost may be less than your insurance co-pay. Ask your pharmacist for the “cash price”.
  6. If you are over 65, a PA resident and have an income of less than $23,000 (single) or $31,500 (married) you may be eligible for PACE or PACENET which offers most medicines at very low cost. For information, call 1-800-225-7223 or visit
  7. We have a small number of inexpensive generic dermatology medicines available for purchase in our office. Ask your provider if one may be appropriate for you.