Investment versus Indulgence?

Few will argue the short and long-term benefits of a truly good investment. A good investment can yield greater security, stability, confidence, freedom, and pride. These benefits can motivate and facilitate actions and interactions that enhance and expand our opportunities.

Investing in our skin health and appearance can indeed be a shining example of a truly good investment. In contrast to an indulgence, which may be defined as a fleeting consumption, dalliance, immersion, or sensory experience, the good investment usually has longer lasting and demonstrably beneficial results. Please don’t misunderstand my message, indulgence absolutely has an essential place and high priority in our day to day existence (please pass the dark chocolate).

Skin enhancement and rejuvenation treatments at the right place delivered with knowledge and skilled hands can bestow a more youthful, fresher, friendlier appearance. People who invest wisely in their skin look better rested, healthier, and more energetic. They look and feel less stressed and are perceived as “nicer”. Healthier eating and more regular exercise are other additional benefits reported by those who invest wisely in their skin.

Interestingly, not only do people feel better, but their skin “feels better” too. Our patients relate that their skin feels less sensitive, less irritable, and has more uniform tone and texture.

So, feel free to take a good look in the mirror and see how good you can feel about making a truly good investment in your skin. We at Yardley Dermatology think “you are worth it!